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Zirconia Ceramics machine parts

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1. The advantages of zirconia ceramics reflect in terms of high compressive strength, high wear resistance, high oxidation resistance, high corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and good heat insulation performance.

2. Due to its natural characteristics, zirconia ceramics have good roundness, smooth surface, high strength, and high density. They are bright, hard, and are inertial to many materials. Moreover, its high wear resistance makes less wear on the equipment. Zirconia ceramics can achieve excellent sealing effects and perfect spherical grinding media.

3. Zirconia ceramic is the best substitute for tantalum alloy and other rare alloys, having absolute incomparable advantages of metal. The service life of zirconia ceramic valve is 2-4 times as long as that of titanium metal and Monel valve. It completely changes the shortcomings of the metal hard seal ball valve, which are easy to leak, the torque is big, and the sealing surface is not resistant to corrosion.

4. Zirconia ceramic cutting tools are not only sharper than steel tools, but also having higher resistant to acid and alkali. They are non-conductive, do not chemically react with food, do not oxidize or corrode. Zirconia ceramic cutting tools are a typical green product.


1. Zirconia ceramics are suitable in thermal power plant, steel, petroleum, chemistry, paper-making, bio-engineering and many other industries. This material can be applied for dealing with boiler steam, lime slurry, granular seawater transportation, high hardness particles, soft particles and corrosive medium, powder, flue gas desulfurization, ash discharge, slag discharge and water supply treatment. As an advanced ceramic material, zirconia ceramics can solve various high abrasive and high corrosive fluid treatment applications in many formulations according to customer requirements.

2. Zirconia ceramics are also suitable for making wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant parts / components (such as grinding wheel, rotor, blade, grinding cylinder, etc.) of various machines with high bending strength, fracture resistance, spalling and cracking resistance.

3. Zirconia ceramics can disperse and grind electronic paste, ceramic powder, magnetic material, battery raw material, rare earth material, non-metallic mineral, pigment, ink, paint, heavy calcium, titanium dioxide, pesticide, food and medicine raw materials efficiently, cleanly and economically.

4. Zirconia ceramic kitchen knives and utility cutters are internationally recognized as the most potential tools to improve production efficiency.